Here is a comprehensive list of questions I receive frequently. If you have any questions or concerns regarding my work, you can hopefully find it here. If not, please feel free to shoot me an email!

(Also please do not take sarcastic responses personally, as they’re directed to a more hypothetical you, as opposed to the REAL you.)

Q: “Do you harm any of the specimens in your work”
A: Absolutely not. Anything used in my work was/is already dead before I work with it. I obtain a lot of my pieces from farmers, taxidermists, insect collectors, oddity shops, or I find them while hiking.

Q: “Can I use your pieces as jewelry?”
A: Please no. The work is incredibly fragile and would fall apart within days of wearing it. My work is meant to be displayed where it can’t be handled regularly. The crystals are synthesized, so they’re not the type of molecular structure you want to have on your hands or around your neck.

Q: “Is your work dangerous to handle?”
A: Yes and no. I use a variety of compounds to synthesize my pieces. Some of which are completely harmless, while others are toxic. I spray and coat the pieces to withstand damage from touch and sunlight, but this doesn’t guarantee that it won’t irritate your skin if you’re fondling it for half an hour. I tell my clients to simply display the piece in a shadow box, dome, or some other type of display away from curious hands, children, and pets.

Q: “Do you take donations, specifically of the dead variety?”
A: Every now and then I will if the piece is usable or interesting, but for a majority of requests, no. My space is pretty full with dead stuff as is. 

Q: “Do you do custom orders”
A: Unfortunately I do not. There are a handful of people I will do custom orders for, but these are clients I’ve dealt with and know fairly well. If you must have something from me, I kindly ask that you purchase a piece I’ve already made, wait for a product drop, or wait til you see something you like =).

Q: “Can you crsytallize my skeleton?”
A: Nope.
Q: “What about my cat?”
A: Nope.

Q: “Do you do wholesale?”
A: I do not offer wholesale for my art. I only make a few batches at a time and would prefer those pieces to go to as many individuals as possible, rather than 25 crystallized cicadas going to one person. My work is also not for resale, so I can’t think of any other reasons somebody would want 25 of the same crystallized insect. Unless you’re a weirdo. Which I am, so I totally understand. 

Q: “Your store is empty and I would like to buy something”
A: Yes. Yes it is. I do product drops every couple of months or so, and will always announce when they’re coming up on my social media! I also have a mailing list you can join as well, where I will send you early notifications of the exact date and time of the drop. You can find that link here:

Q: “What can I expect when my piece arrives in the mail?”
A: This is a good question you have asked. This work is by far some of the most fragile work I’ve created and dealt with. A majority of them will show up in perfect/ excellent condition. I do warn my clients though, that roughly 10% of the pieces will show up severely damaged, this is partly due to transit/ the post office’s neglect and the incredibly fragile nature of the work. If you happen to be unlucky 1/10, please notify me immediately (with a picture) and I will make you a replacement! When you purchase my work, you should be fully aware of this!

Q: “The cicada doesn’t look like the one in your pictures, why is that?”
A: The nature of molecules and atoms can be a very random phenomenon with unexpected results. Every single piece I sell or pull out of solution is different. There isn’t a single cicada that looks like the one you saw on Instagram. When you purchase one of my pieces please be aware that you won’t be able to request specifics on crystal size, growth, or location. Some pieces come out totally coated, while others have a handful of larger crystals spread out. I will guarantee that each cicada will at least have roughly the same mass of crystals on them, they just might not all be organized the same.

Q: “Can I use your pictures for my logo, album cover, or website?”
A: Please don’t. The images are of my work and brand, so I kindly ask that you get your own. =))))