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Dancing in the Woods with Hannah K.

My shoot with Hannah was nothing short of inspiring and downright magical. We only had 45 minutes to do the shoot before the park closed and I felt a sense of urgency. However, her overall attitude and comfort in the environment demanded all of my attention and respect. She had a certain level of reverence for the world. I would watch Hannah meld into the earth, and quite literally let it comfort her. She leaned on the world, trusted it, and I had the amazing privilege of getting to document that. As usual, I asked her to write something about her experience, and I'm so glad she did.

Thank you so so much Hannah. 


Being naked in nature is when I feel the most wild and free and closest to my truest self. The process of unlearning and letting go of much of my domestication has created so much space in my life. Stripping away clothing is so much more powerful than just gettin' naked! I think differently, I move differently. With clothing I find myself mentally approaching my body and movement differently- my arms are just arms and my neck moves this way or that and oh I have feet down there...I lose the sense of wholeness. Breaking my body into parts, associating more closely with mind and ego, rather than moving through the world as a fully incorporated whole Self. I feel my animalistic and childlike self when free of clothing. I feel like a Divine Goddess. I am a Divine Goddess! I am an animal! I am a child! Pure light and energy flows through me and I know my beauty, for all is beauty! I become one with all of life and I breathe and move in harmony and rhythm with the trees and the grass and the rocks and the wind and sky. Animals come to me and we see and feel each other and I learn. The trees, the plants teach my about their healing energies and our spirits touch. Over the past few months I have spent much time living out of my car and tent and have been learning a lot about trust. When I trust my Mother Earth is providing for all of my needs I feel completely free and at ease. Not having a home puts me in a space where I can really live that out. I am learning to let the Earth be my home. And with that perspective, I am always coming home. If I am feeling lack, or fear, feeling sad and alone, all I need is to simply soften into the Earth and she comforts me. Perhaps when I was a child my human mother couldn't always hold me or soothe me or know how to meet my emotional needs. That doesn't disappear. My inner child is there inside still and time and time again life triggers past hurts and fears and little Hannah sometimes yearns to be held. These days I am learning to let the Earth be my mother. What a lovely gift that this great mother we all share will hold us and and never let us go! We just have to show up.True presence will always reveal perfection. Gratitude for each moment will bring presence. And when you are in the present moment, not in your mind, not in the past or projecting into the future, that is the sliver of space where one is One with all of Life. All of nature knows this! All of nature is only ever in the present moment. Our minds are incredible things, brilliant tools! Let us never forget, however, to let go of the habit of attaching to the mind now and then and live in harmony with nature, which is to live in harmony with our self. All of which is to perhaps experience a tiny bit of "God." So go remove your clothing and let your ego fall to the ground with them, close your outer eyes and open your inner eyes, feel your breathe moving in and out of your body, feel the breeze on your skin and the dirt beneath your toes, hear the grass gently moving, feel the sun on your naked breasts, and know you are pure energy, pure light and love, perfect and beautiful and whole and free, dancing in the woods!