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Dancing in the Woods with Miranda C.

"Contentment is the enemy of progress. I always aim to push and better myself, as a creative and in general. Whether it's my career, my art or even my meditation, I never want to be too content or comfortable with where I'm at, or else no growth will occur. The beauty is in the process, it's a give and take, a constant ebb and flow. I'm honored to have had a part in this series" -Miranda

Also a haiku by Miranda

The fire flickers,

Watch as the flames consume me.

Endless magic dance.


Miranda was such a blast to work with she's an incredibly talented tattoo artist who took her practice over seas to London to hone in on her talents. During our shoot she offered a daunting number of awesome suggestions and shots and I'm so grateful for it! Below are the best and our favorite images from the shoot! Thank you again to Miranda for being apart of the series!