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Dancing in the Woods with Jasmine L.

It's so easy to look at your own flesh and dissect the imperfections. To wish things were different, that you were different. It's much harder to look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud to yourself, "You are beautiful." Why does that feel so weird and unnatural? It takes practice to love yourself. Practice to let go of the value we place on conventional beauty. Practice to remember who you are and where you are. I am so grateful for this shoot with Tyler and Molly. I am so proud of myself for not caring about my frizzy hair, stretch marks or cellulite. I'm proud of myself for stripping down butt naked in the woods with kind strangers and being confident enough in my own skin to strut around amidst mosquitoes and stinging nettle and just be grateful for the experience. Thank you for letting me feel beautiful and confident as my natural self in a natural place. This was truly an empowering experience and a great reminder of what's important. 



This "Dancing in the Woods" session took place near Port Townsend in Washington state. We hiked through the ancient forests of Old Fort Townsend and shot alongside the beach at sunset. It was incredible. Thank you Jasmine for your time and for collaborating with me on this project.