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Undeniable Goodness

I think we can all agree on one thing, the world is looking a little fucky at the moment. 

But hopefully we can also agree on one another thing, there's a lot of good sprouting up to resolve it. 

But here's a thought that some of you may not agree with, that goodness has always been there. 


In my last blog post, I talked about how humanly blessed we were after our house burnt down. How I can no longer say the world or people suck, because they generally don't and I had no business thinking that way to begin with. HOW DARE I?!

But this notion still persists in the people around me. It's referenced in daily conversations, passive remarks, and even in explicit frustration. And it's simply not true. The world doesn't suck. Yours does. And let's get down to that, shall we?


There's a trend I've noticed with the people who claim the world is hopeless and shitty, and that trend is this; they aren't doing anything. Nearly all of the people I know that will claim the world is shit are the same ones commentating on the protesters and demonstrators while they sit on their couches. And most of the people I know that protest and demonstrate and fight back in any way they can, don't think the world sucks. AND THEY'RE THE ONES ACTUALLY OUT IN THE THICK OF IT. These people are actually full of hope. They have an idea of what the world should be, how it should operate and they have a vague or sometimes very vivid image of what that goodness could potentially be. And how the fuck would they have that image if there weren't any examples to go off of? If there was no goodness, that would be assuming all three million protesters are blindly walking around without any idea of what they want or any realistic way of achieving it. And while there are a few people who stand by this incredibly ignorant and self righteous notion, it simply isn't true. These people know very well what they're fighting for, and they know very well what it could look like and what that goodness could do. 

The simple fact is that the world is good, because when the goodness is running dry, the human well flows. It always has. Goodness doesn't give up, it never has. So what does that say about the few who have given up? What are you contributing? Seriously? Goodness is well and fighting while you're sitting in your living room shaking your head and regretting the fact that you're here.

The notion that the world is an awful and crumbling place isn't based on facts, knowledge or wisdom. Period. It's based on fear, and fear of the unknown. It's easier to write off our planet and more importantly humanity because that means you don't have to put in any effort. You no longer have to be surprised or disappointed because you've already deduced the extent of it all. HOPELESS. That's it. You live this long, complex, confusing life only to figure out you never really should've done it? Bullshit. Fear is your elixir. The potion that has sustained you and kept you safe and comfortable.

But we weren't meant to stay comfortable. We were meant to clench our god damn fists, wield goodness by it's hilt, and lovingly bludgeon it into any stubborn ass-hat that tells us otherwise. 

The world isn't hopeless because I can be married to my wife without the fear of getting lynched.

The world isn't hopeless because my wife can talk about her period without the fear of being burned or drowned. 

The world isn't hopeless because you're able to read this instead of finding your next meal in a dumpster. And those who do fight for their next meal have so much hope. They're still fighting, still searching, still holding on. 

The world isn't hopeless, a select few are. 

We need this reminder, and we need to tell ourselves this while our teachers, peers, parents, and pastors try to paint a world not worth living in. No one should've said life was a comfortable affair, not one should've said life was the soft and sanitized escalator you convinced yourself it should be. And I'm sorry you've come to know and expect life to be such. But it's quite the opposite. Life is more like navigating an M.C. Escher painting where the stair rails are caked in Cheetos dust and there's no sinks. But we learn to like Cheetos, and we learn that consumed in the proper quantity, Cheetos can be enjoyable and sometimes properly distracting from the fact that you haven't gotten off the stairs and you probably won't. So why would you ever expect anymore?

The simple. simple. SIMPLE fact is- you think the world sucks. But your view and scope of the world is through your living room window or phone screen, and what a small small frame you decided to use.