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Nude Nature Session #2

Cool ass shoot alert.

January 21st was a pretty incredible right?! over three million humans gathered across the country to bring strength and light to the things they believed so passionately in, and that's what being human is really all about. Passion and how we show it. 

Part of me feels a little guilty that I wasn't able to participate in the marches physically but every other part of me was there with you all. I did however have the opportunity to be apart of something that I believe was directly in line with these marches.

Two women (best friends) decided to embrace and embody the what was so profoundly and powerfully feminine and natural. These two women decided to wander through the woods and caves together as best friends and women and I was so incredibly fortunate enough to be able to document and capture that. They later told my wife and I that although they also had to miss the marches, they felt like they contributed in their own respective ways, and I couldn't really agree more. 

The following photos are NSFW, so you've been warned!

Please enjoy and share your thoughts! <3