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Nude Nature Session #1


So this is by far one of the most inspiring shoots I've had the privilege of doing in the 5 months I've decided to take up photography. Most of my figure drawings, and illustrative work seems to DRAW (=P) itself from more hauntingly feminine roots, which is a route I've totally become ok with, because it yields some pretty beautiful results and narratives. 

Shooting with Tabitha was a blast. We sort of went through our late teenage years together, as we ran in the same circles, and I just reached out a few days ago and said "Hey, you wanna get naked in the woods and shoot some cool shit?!" It was actually a little more professional than that. But that's what the shoot felt like! It was fun, exhilarating and potent with the sort of natural inspiration one gets from running around naked in the woods like a little forest nymph!

Needless to say, I can't wait to do more "Nude Nature Sessions".

Without any more rambling, here are the best shots from this incredible shoot! And as always, comments and feedback are very welcomed!