Nature and its respective curiosities. That is my current narrative and inspiration. My work has always spoken of and about the natural elements and microscopic ones that surround each and everyone of us, the tendencies for humans to trace and follow curious and natural callings, and most importantly, the importance of curiosity and experimentation. 

For as long as I can recall, my work has revolved around these things, because I revolve around these things. I am driven by these elements, and in turn they are driving me. Most of my time is spent exploring, reacting to, and prodding nature. Taking any chance I can get to hike, look for caves, find rare plants, dance alongside the fundamental principles of molecular chemistry, and following EVERY SINGLE ITCH. Every calling, whether it be a faint whisper or more of a dire screaming that wakes me up in the middle of the night, I answer them. This tends to come across as sporadic and chaotic in my work and what I "want to do" but it couldn't feel more natural and at peace. While scrolling through my site, you'll get little glimpses of that knack to answer every calling. Rather it be chemistry, illustrating, painting, photography, music, writing, you name it. If I need it, I do it.